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Dechrau arni...making a start

I can't quite believe it, but tomorrow is going to be the opening of the Virtual Reality Graduate Show 2020 at Carmarthen School of Art. And it will be an opening like no other, in these strange times. For a start, my own final work will be there! The last step of a six year journey of studying textiles, with all the challenge, all the pleasures. So this note today is just to mark the occasion. There will be more time later to reflect on what it has been like to reach this point; and what road to take now? For now, a walk on the beach beckons. It's a hot day.

Astudio, dysgu, newid ffordd o feddwl - mae wedi bod yn ffordd droellog hyfryd yn Ysgol Gelf Caerfyrddin. Bydd gweld fy nghasgliad o waith yn rhithiol yn wefr. Cawn weld ble eith y llwybr nesa'. Am nawr, anadl ddofn - mae'r gwaith mawr ar ben. Mas am dro i lan y mor, mae'n ddwrnod poeth mas 'na.

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Lovely, touching, and in a deeply spiritual way...moving.

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